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job interview questions

When preparing for a phone interview and phone interview questions, you have to act as if you are meeting with the employer for a regular, face to face interview.

Interview Questions that Kill in a Job Interview

By michael wilson at 2012-02-10 02:11:33
Before performing an interview with a recruiter, if you're prepared then you should know the recruiter's expectations in relation to this work and the skills he seeks. So step by step, skill by skill, develop and explain why you are the person who is best suited for this job. These interview questions and answers are among the common ones that are asked during a professional interview.

We provide you in this article some advices for answering these interview questions in a proper way. You must adapt them to your personality and your background:

Why you? What differentiates you from other candidates?

It is a frequently used interview question by recruiters and many candidates get as they did not prepare a response before the interview. Now you see it's really important to try to match your skills with the needs of the recruiter. If you know the needs and goals of the employer, this issue may even be an asset that will help you over other candidates because you would be able to offer good reasons to hire you.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In asking this interview question, the interviewer wants to obtain information: do you consider this work as a temporary position before finding something better, or do you plan to actually stay in this work. If you are specific, listing the promotions that you hope you'll look like a pretentious. If you are vague, you will be frowned upon.

Do you think that your age is a handicap for this position?

Refocus your answer immediately on your skills by explaining that you think the skills are more important than considerations of age! Sample wording: "I could be wrong but I think that age is not the most important factor for success in this position. My skills and the results recorded in xxx from xxx are the reasons that led me to apply today. I also think it's also because of these skills and results that you called me today? "If at this stage of your answer, you get to smile serenely, you have won the game!

How do you spend the first 30 days of your taking office?

All responses are possible but you have this kind of interview question show a progressive and logical organization of your time management: "take bearings, deepen my knowledge of the products, meet the team and understand precisely" that does what? "Interview suppliers and be in contact with my first client, Try to answer by structuring your response a week," the first week I will focus on and the second week, I would rather focus on etc”.

Why are these holes in your CV? Why does your job search term unresolved issues?

In fact it is a difficult interview question to answer if you are not prepared, especially if you had been out of the circuit of employment for a long time. In this case you need to focus on the factors that led to this long retreat while mentioning that you had done this by choice and that you did not suffer the vagaries of fate.

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